Feature Pairs

Feature Pairs

The Feature Pairs plot behaves a bit different than the others. For one, it relies on the ggpairs function from the GGally package.

Feature Pairs is still rather experimental, but can be very useful once understood. Differences include:

  • This is the only plot that does not auto-refresh. The View/Refresh button must be clicked to render any changes.
  • The feature column and value columns are required and, of course, Feature Pairs is only useful if there is more than one feature.
  • The convention of coloring plots by feature does not apply here; features describe the values, which are plotted along the x and y axes. The group column, if defined, determines the colors.
  • The source dataset will be used in most cases, so filters applied to the grouped dataset will be ignored.

The fields X Feature and Y Feature can be used to dissect the pairs matrix.

After setting X Feature to “tuition.in”: